Kitchen Faucet W/Handle (Wall-Mounted/Cold Only)

In the earlier periods, the principal Greek architectural feature has been column. As time goes on, the hieron developed elegantly with more slender cylinder, the Temple of Athena Nike and Parthenon become the famous edifice as the cylindrical element. Inspired column as main idea 6796 series had been designed with simple but elegant cylindrical shape, which display a sense of simplicity and harmony.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Kitchen Faucet W/Handle (Wall-Mounted/Cold Only)



6796-9F-81CP Overview

6796-9F-81CP Specification

6796-9F-81CP Installation

1.Handle valve turning range from closed position: 90°
2.Brass with Chrome plated meets ASTM-SC2 standard.
3.Swiveling spout (up to 50,000 turns test).
4.With precise manufacture, the mixer can stand the presure from 0.1kg to10kg.
5.With R 1/2 to water supply wall outlet.
6.Ceramic cartridge with MARUWA ceramic disc / (Japan)
7.Casting material meets ISO CuZn40Pb Standard.

Authorization Code

6796-9F-81CP SketchUp

  6796-9F-81CP CAD