Towel Bar

Nature Bathroom Accessories have been inspired by branches of Tree, simplify the form to three arc lines which the blank has been create from, and make different style of products by processing technology.
Accessories have been made as different function requests, and they are also like the diversity of meristem in nature brings relaxed feel for users in bathroom where is a private and comfortable space.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Towel Bar


6927-10-80CP Overview

6927-10-80CP Specification

6927-10-80CP Installation

6927-10-80CP Exploded View

1.Material of sand-casting body meets ISO CuZn40Pb standard.
2.Brass with chrome-plated; SC2 standard of ASTM for 3 years guarantee; pass 96 hours Salt Spray Test.
3.Loading Capacity: 4 kgf.
4.Product is suitable for toilets, hotels and public spaces.
5.Material of Screw : Stainless steel SUS 304.
6.Material of Wall Mount Bracket: Copper JIS3604.

Authorization Code

6927-10-80CP SketchUp

  6927-10-80CP CAD