Sensor Basin Faucet (Cold only)

Nature faucets present infinite imagination of life. Designer observed kinds of organisms to sketch the contours of product for expounding orderless growth and the concept of meristem. The latest sensor faucet prevents people from touching the faucet, which decreses the chance of virus spreading and possible infection. The sensor faucet is suitable for public spaces such as parks, hospitals, government agencies, and hotels.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Sensor Basin Faucet (Cold only)


6927-S5-80CP Overview

6927-S5-80CP Specification

6927-S5-80CP Installation

6927-S5-80CP Exploded View

1.Infrared Sensor Automatic Detection
2.Safety Guard: Valve off if water flowing over 60sec.
3.Automatically detect the environment, adjust the sensor, and have anti-interference function.
4.Inner filter prevent the bloackage of sensor valve.
5.Power Source: Alkaline Battery AA x 4, DC6V(1.5V x 4)
6.Battery life test: about 300,000 alkaline batteries; about 100,000 carbon zinc batteries.
7.Flush Mode: Water start flowing if valid sensing around 0.5sec~1.0sec
8.Low power prompt: When battery power is low, red indicator light will be flashed for prompting battery replacement.
9.The faucet valve can stand the presure from 0.5 to 6 kgf/cm^2
10.Brass with Chrome plated meets ASTM-SC2 standard; 3 years guarantee.
11.Stainless steel braided hose with SANTOPRENE tube (meets NSF approval), can be stood 15Kg/cm2 water pressure and 120℃ heat.

The rectifier is optional.


0923-SH-7900  ACDC Rectifier 100V~240V

0923-SH-7901  ACDC Rectifier 110V

0923-SH-7902  ACDC Rectifier 220V

Authorization Code

  6927-S5-80CP CAD