Urinal 110-240V

Electronic urinal flush reacts accurately, controlling the flow properly and keeping the urinal hygienic. It also prevents the filth accumulating and creating foul smell. And for the most important, it could economizes manpower for a long period.

Color: White

  • Urinal 110-240V


6390-G0-8300 Installation-1

6390-G0-8300 Installation-2

1.Infrared Sensor Automatic Detection
2.Automatic sensing range: 59-69CM
3.Power: DC 6V
4.Sensing time: 1 sec. (The product would not activate if sensing time is less than 1 sec)
5.Should the person stayed in the sensing zone for 1 second, the sensor would flush first for 2 seconds; after the person left, it would flush again for 7 seconds.
6.Should the first person used the urinal, the sensor would not flush if the second person approach within 10 seconds.
7.The sensor would flush first for 2 seconds, should another person used the urinal 10 seconds later; and after the second person left, it would flush for 7 seconds.
8.Working Temperature: 0.1℃ to 45℃
9.Tube Inner/Outer Diameter: G(1/2)
10.Water-saving: First flush: 3~4 sec;second flush: 8~11 sec. A water volume regulate valve is installed, so users could adjust according to water pressure.
11.Hygienic: The sensor flushes automatically once the person left, making the urinal and the environment clean and of no smell.

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