Bath/Shower Mixer Body (Antimicrobial Copper Handle & Knob)

Utilizing the simplify concept of Tai Chi motion, creating extraordinary look on the Tai Chi Series faucets. Featuring the Tai Chi notion of "soft against hard" through its soft cut of the faucet body and flow of water. Adding into faucet, the "Yin and Yang" aspect of Tai Chi, creating two types of faucets, the feminality and macuslity.

Color: Antimicrobial Copper

  • Bath/Shower Mixer Body (Antimicrobial Copper Handle & Knob)


7780-94-80CU Overview

7780-94-80CU Specification

7780-94-80CU Installation

1.Material of handle is brass of forging body that meet JIS 3771 standard
2.Material of body is brasss of sand-casting body that meets ISO CuZn40Pb standard
3.Finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2
4.The handle is used the antimicrobial cooper material. It can use in public and medical units to reduce the infected risk.  
5.Ceramic valve with CERAMTEC ceramic disc/(Germany)
6.The available distance between two centers of wall water-outlet is 122mm to 178mm.
7.With R 1/2 to water supply wall outlet。.
8.Coordinates with other products in Tai Chi collection

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