Basin and Faucet Combination

The seed is the fountainhead of all the creation, but not all of seeds will be lucky to sprout and then grow up, so each budding seed is the symbol of hope and happiness. The spout of "Lucky Seven" Series Faucet looks like the growing stalk and the curved shape is like the lucky numeral-7; flowing water looks like the passing petals, both of them remind us to treasure the precious water resource. "Lucky Seven" series faucet could not only decorate the living space, but also bring good luck and create hopes for people to collect happiness. This Basin faucet set is designed for public space and outdoor area. Used artificial stone basin that is esay to clean with the materials you already have in your home; Comfortable use with pre-adjusted water temperature.

Color: Matt black

  • Basin and Faucet Combination


6777-U8-80MA Overview

6777-U8-80MA Specification

6777-U8-80MA Installation

6777-U8-80MA Exploded View

1.Premium metal body construction for reliability and durability
2.JUSTIME finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing
3.Artificial stone basin can clean easily with materials you have in your home
4.Spout can be rotated for 360 degrees and adjusted slightly for different needs. Swiveling spout has passed up to 50,000 turns test).
5.With the special internal structure and cylindrical outlook, it can reduce the filth and complex lines.
6.Concealed aerator flow restrictor (2.2 GPM max.).

Authorization Code

6777-U8-80CP SketchUp

  6777-U8-80MA CAD