Sprayer (White) W/Hose

Since time immemorial, the ladle is use to clean for Chinese people. This classic design not only reserves and figures of the primary ladle image , when we use this Story Spray, JUSTIME sincerely hopes the design will be popular among everyone- reminding adults of the past about the original charming and also making kids experience the beauty of traditional and modern times.

Color: White (coating)

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6903-9Q-81CW Overview

6903-9Q-81CW Specification  

6903-9Q-81CW Installation

1.Unique style is the product characteristic. The lovely appearance makes customer feel more family, the product not only include the beautiful looks bust also functional.
2.User could control the water flow rate with the different force of pressing button.
3.The optional check valve and flow restrictor could be added into the sprayer.
4.The sprayer can stand the presure from 0.5 to 5 kg/cm^2
5.Material of inner tube can stand 15Kg/cm2 water pressure and 60℃ heat.
6.Chrome Plated Brass meets ASTM-SC2 Standard.
7.Tube material meets JIS C2700 Standard
8.Body material meets JIS 3771 Standard

Authorization Code

6903-9Q-81CW SketchUp