Grab Bar (300mm) W/Pre-Embedded Anchor Bolt

The round base with the brushed surface finish has a simple and classic style.

Color: Brushed

  • Grab Bar (300mm) W/Pre-Embedded Anchor Bolt


7810-55-85S1 Overview

7810-55-85S1 Specification

1.Stainless Steel body meets SUS 304 standard.
2.Premium metal construction for durability.
3.Justime finishes resist corrosion and tarnish.
4.This design is suitable for both private and public environment. Vertical force could support a static load of 200 kgf.
5.Coordinates with other products in 7810 collection.

Authorization Code

7810-55-85S1 SketchUp

  7810-55-85S1 CAD