The designed concept used brief lines and a simple model to integrate the practicality and elegance with the concise design style. The concise desgn stlye not only brings  comfortable enjoyment but also increase elegant savor for bathroom.

Color: Polished Chrome

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6771-9Q-80CP Overview

6771-9Q-80CP Specification

6771-9Q-80CP Installation

1.Anticorrosive surface treatment of copper products, easy to clean and maintain.
2.Push valve can control the water volume. 
3.Chrome plated finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
4.Material of forging body meets JIS 3771 standard.
5.Proper water pressure range for the sprayer is 0.1 ~ 5 (kg / cm ^ 2). 

Authorization Code

6771-9Q-80CP CAD