Bath/Shower Mixer W/Hose

Nature Faucets present infinite imagination of life. Designer observed kinds of organisms to sketch the contours of product for expounding orderless growth and the concept of meristem. Faucets have been combined with stylish handles just like to personally experience the pulsation of life.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Bath/Shower Mixer W/Hose


6927-94-85CP Overview

6927-94-85CP Specification

6927-94-85CP Installation

1.Handle material meets JIS 3771 Standard.
2.Body material meets ISO CuZn40Pb Standard.
3.Finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
4.The available distance between two centers of wall water-outlet is 122mm to 178mm.
5.With G 1/2 to water supply wall outlet.
6.Shower hose with TPE flexible tube, can stand 10Kg/cm2 water pressure and 70℃ heat.
7.Elastic shower hose can be extended from 1.5 meter to 2 meter.
8.Ceramic valve with CERAMTEC ceramic disc/(Germany).
9.Coordinates with other products in Nature collection.


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6927-94-85CP SketchUp

  6927-94-85CP CAD