Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Overall concept of ETHER Series Faucet is based on the idea of illimitable space outside of sky, and it has also been mentioned by philosophers of Greek and China Taoism. The smooth lines and dim imagine are like aurora on ether and current in deep ocean. The unique design of ETHER breaks so-called shape and brings faucet to artistic decoration level.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet
  • Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet


6781-98-80CP Overview

6781-98-80CP Specification

6781-98-80CP Installation

1.The smooth shape could increase the gradation of vision and console the tired spirits of users. Moreover, the smooth lines will protect users from any accidental injure.
2.Swiveling design not only maintains complete shape, but decreases seams where are easily accumulated filth.
3.Product provide the easy installation with considerate design.
4.Ceramic cartridge with brass shell & Japan (MARUWA) ceramic disc.
5.Aerator flow restrictor (2.2 GPM max.).
6. Thread: G 1/2.
7. Stainless steel braided hose with SANTOPRENE tube (meets NSF approval), can be stood 15Kg/cm2 water pressure and 120℃ heat.
8.Casting material meets ISO CuZn40Pb Standard.
9.Handle material meets JIS 3771 Standard
10.Brass with Chrome plated meets ASTM-SC2 standard.


Authorization Code

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