Countertop Soap Dispenser (Stainless Steel)

The designed concept used brief lines and a simple model to integrate the practicality and elegance with the concise design style. The concise desgn stlye not only brings comfortable enjoyment but also increase elegant savor for bathroom.

Color: Brushed

  • Countertop Soap Dispenser (Stainless Steel)


6770-26-80S1 Overview

6770-26-80S1 Specification

6770-26-80S1 Installation

1.Stainless Steel has brush finish for increasing durability.
2.Capacity is 360ml
3.Dispenser can be fixed on the same direction, it fit for public space.
4.Stainless steel ball is included in the dispenser, it pass 25,000 pressing test to prove frequency of usage.

Authorization Code

6770-26-80S1 SketchUp

  6770-26-80S1 CAD