Electronic Urinal Flush Valve (DC)

Electronic urinal flush valve reacts accurately, controlling the flow properly and keeping the urinal hygienic. It also prevents the filth accumulating and creating foul smell. And for the most important, it could economizes manpower for a long period.

Color: Brushed

  • Electronic Urinal Flush Valve (DC)


6618-S0-80S1 Overview

1.Infrared Sensor Automatic Detection
2.Sensing Range: Range Auto Adjustment from 20cm ~70cm ( by A4 size white color )
3.Power Source: Alkaline Battery AA x 4 , DC6V(1.5V x 4)
4.Power up Indicator: Blue LED Flash 4 times after Power up
5.Power up Safety Guard: Valve Off after Power up
6.Flushing Algorithm: Sensor active if valid sensing over 3 sec, then courteous flush 1 sec. Main flush 6 sec after the user’s leaving. Courteous flush 6 sec if 2nd valid sensing active within 30 sec.
7.Indicator: LED Flash once if sensing active
8.Battery Low Indicator: Battery Low Level 1, LED Flash slowly if Voltagr under 4.8V, and Function well; Battery Level -2, LED will keep Light if Voltage under 4.6V. No Function, please change new Batteries
9.Ghost Flush: Ghost Flush 6sec / 24 hours since last user's leaving for keeping regular operation.
10.Life Cycle Test: 200,000 cycles / Alkaline Batteries * 4 under 10sec on / 10 sec off periodily life cycle test at 8kg/cm2 water pressure
11.The Valve can stand the water presure from 0.3 to 10 kg/cm2

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