Tumbler Holder

The main base has been designed with geometrical shape and curved rods, which brings the warm and comfortable atmosphere for bathroom.

Color: Polished Chrome

  • Tumbler Holder


6892-30-80CP Overview

6892-30-80CP Specification

6892-30-80CP Installation

1.Brass forging mounting base meets JIS 3771 standard.
2.Brass body and supporting ring meet JIS 3604 standard.
3.Justime finishes resist corrosion and tarnish.
4.Chrome plated finish meets the standard of ASTM-SC2.
5.Vertical force could support a static load of 2 Kgf.
6.Frosted white glass tumbler. Capacity: 160ml.
7.Coordinates with other products in 6892 collection.

Authorization Code

6892-30-80CP SketchUp

  6892-30-80CP CAD