JUSTIME was Invited for Taipei Red Dot Design Award Round Table!

We are extremely joyful for being invited to the pinnacle moment of the Red Dot Design Award Round Table in Taipei on November 30th! Winners from various fields witnessed the peak of design history in this unique opportunity of communication.


This is not only a high recognition of the quality of our products, but also Taiwan’s strong design capability! The roots of collaboration between Taiwan and the Red Dot Design Award deepened over decades, and together, we have created countless moment of glory.

In addition to have spent a good time with Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award, we also communicated with people from various fields to exchange ideas and design concepts of not only Taiwan, but also the world.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude again for this opportunity, and to witness the glorious moment of Red Dot Design Award together!

Source: https://www.red-dot.org/magazine/red-dot-dinner-in-taiwan-2023