JUSTIME is Participating 2023 Taiwan Expo Japan!

The 2023 Taiwan Expo Japan is coming on from Nov. 9th to Nov. 11th at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square! We sincerely invite you to come, as we would display some of the representative products and designs! The following are the works to be exhibited:

1. YES Series Sprayer W/ Braided Hose & Bracket (6875-WS-83CP)
The special design concept is from the letter "Y" and combines with the practical function. Press the push valve to control water volume and improve the convenient operation. The simple style decorates the decorates the space, which is suitable for sanitary or outdoor spaces. 

2. Lucky 7 Series Single Handle Wall-mounted Basin Faucet (6777-X2-80MA)
The stick handle of the Lucky 7 faucet is like the stalk of plant. It has been designed to be operated freely by lever principle even as washing hands with soap.

3. Lucky 7 Series Showerhead Set (6777-XW-80MA Concealed Valve W/Diverter & Check Valve + 6777-DC-80MA Hand Shower W/Wall Bracket & Supply + 7771-AB-80MA Wall-Mounted Showerhead (300mm))
The stick handle of the Lucky 7 faucet is like the stalk of plant. The matt-black paint provides a graceful look to the product set, letting showering more than just a process, but a sense of self-enjoyment when alone.

Exhibition Information: 
Venue: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square
Dates: Nov. 9th ~ Nov. 11th
Taiwan Expo Japan: https://taiwanexpojapan.com/ja/index.html