What Originality means for JUSTIME

“Originality is More Respected than Wealth in the US”, the title of an article posted on Crossing in 2015 by Li Heng, a business strategy consultant. We believe that originality is more respected than wealth in not just the US, but in any other country as well. Yes, originality is rather crucial for people dedicating in the creative field, and any form of creation is a piece of hard work which should always be well protected and treated with respect.

Sheng Tai’s water-drinking faucet was once plagiarized, and went through a one-year Intellectual Property Litigation; fortunately, the trial ended successfully. The originality of product design has always been our prime principle; it is the dedication from our designers, and winning domestic and overseas design awards for many years is the best proof. For decades, we stand for the originality of product design, which leaves no room for doubt and infringement.

Again, we emphasize the importance of originality. Any form of creation is an asset to the creators, and should all be respected and as well protected. Whether personal or business, we should pay respect to the creation of others, and always adhere to the highest principle of originality.