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“Made in Taiwan” JUSTIME Cross-Industrial Design Genesis Forum

May 25th, 2021

Text by Allen

Photograph by Kuan-ju Interior Design & Aesthetic Tribes

In 2020, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of MOEA led a project named “Made in Taiwan” Cross-industrial Genesis Project. Recruited by Kuan-ju Interior Design, and invite JUSTIME, the world’s top 10-bathroom design brand from Taiwan, Micro Marco, Taiwan’s professional cross-industrial group, and Aesthetic Tribes, a new aesthetic platform, to welcome 19 professional domestic interior designers to brainstorm new ideas on new bathroom accessories, and display their works to public at the 2020 Taipei Building Show last December.

However, the time at the building show was too short for every designer to share their ideas; therefore, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of MOEA held a forum at Taipei Artist Village this April (before the outbreak of domestic COVID-19 pandemic). “The so-called ‘good design’ is to really face your own feelings, rather than blindly follow other peoples’ opinions”, said Chinger Jin-ji Pan, JUSTIME’s Chairman, “The most important thing for designing is to follow your own thoughts, endue the product with the one and unique style, and that’s how you make a difference from others.”

“Taiwan’s branding and designing capability has always been competitive internationally”, said Xiang-yuan Liang, director of China Productivity Center (CPC), “we expect to see more and more designers to dedicate in the cross-industrial domain, and to further strengthen Taiwan’s capability in designing. Under the government subsidy, we also wish to see more companies to explore diverse application, making it the extraordinary soft power of Taiwan.”

Link to Official Website: https://www.idshow.com.tw/article/id/3943?fbclid=IwAR3j6XhOXSrKemH94_ruJ5OJRolPKqibVgpGr2A_GuHveR67cALaCX0Xq20