When Faucets Meets Fashion | JUSTIME's Cross-industry Aesthetics

Promoted by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Ministry of Economics, the “Made in Taiwan” Genesis Project gathered specialists from arts, designs, and industries, and held events to promote Taiwan’s products into the international market. The first project originated from JUSTIME, the top 10-bathroom brand.

The project was held by Kuan Ju Interior Design, and was advised by Aesthetic Tribes. By holding project seminars, designers came up with new ideas in bathroom accessory designs. Sheng Tai Brassware Co., Ltd is from Ding Fan Po, Lukang, and the self-established brand JUSTIME is regarded as the top 10 international bathroom brand, which the products are of high quality, and combined with art and aesthetics. JUSTIME is acknowledged by many of the oversea designing awards, such as iF, Red Dot, GOOD DESIGN, and many more. 

According to Jin-ji Pan, the chairman of Sheng Tai Brassware, for the past two years, government has been giving advises to experts from water plumbing industry and bathroom equipment manufacturers to form a solid water plumbing eco-system. By cooperating together, they meet the consumers’ needs.

For the first JUSTIME Genesis Project, 19 interior designers from 15 studios joined the competition, and with the professional techniques, product design guidance, industrial design theory, and aesthetics lectures offered by JUSTIME, designers can obtain more inspiration under the basis of YES and Nature Series faucets.