"Made in Taiwan" Genesis Designs inspires Cross-industrial Aesthetics

Commercial Times

Guided by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the "Made in Taiwan" Genesis Project gathered 19 interior designers from 15 studios, and has completed an unpresidented cross-industrial challenge in Taiwan. The "Made in Taiwan" Genesis Project is held by Kuan Ju Interior Design, and with the top 10 water plumbing brand JUSTIME, the genesis group Modern Motion Design, and the Aesthetic Tribe Studio, they have come up with new graphs of bathroom designs and accessories, and has opened to public during the 2020 International Taipei Building Show.

Recognized as the top 10 water plumbing brand and the top 25 designing brand, JUSTIME is acknowledged with designing awards such as iF, GOOD DESIGN, and so on. Recently, JUSTIME won the iF and Red Dot Designing Award with the "Charming+" Series faucets, and the JUSTIME Genesis Project is inspired by the YES and Nature Series faucets, inviting designers to brainstorm new ideas based on the two series of faucets.