Chapter Floor-Mounted Bath Mixer

Water is necessary of life, and container of water is the important chapter of human culture, such as teapot of eastern culture, pot for garden, and milk pot play major roles. Chapter Faucets represent concept and imagination of water container of western and eastern culture to combine with modern lines for displaying simple beauty and present brand-new chapter of water and containers.

Special shoe elbow stand of Chapter has the function of test plug could be pre-tested to check the sealing before installing whole mixer. This design is convenient for plumbers as installing the floor-mounted bath mixer.

Spout has been designed with replaceable covers to provide various choices for users, not only fit for interacting requirement of new generation, but also simplify repairing steps without disassembling whole bath mixer for achieving environmental claim and green economics.

Not only spout could be swiveled for 360 degrees, but also cartridge kit could also be rotated together at 60 positions within 360 degrees, handle could be always operated smoothly and harmonically, so the position of bathtub would not be limited and bathroom arrangements can be changed easily.